Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amazing Online Education in South Dakota

Many of you may not realize the cutting edge online education going on in South Dakota that is changing lives for so many rural high school students.  With a third of their high schools housing less than 100 students, it is difficult to provide a solid college prep curriculum.  But with the non-profit Technology and Innovation in Education - South Dakota is getting it done in a big way.

I spent the day with them today and left wondering why no one has heard of them! 
  • They are now serving 57 of the 75 school districts providing AP courses online so that more students have access. 
  • They are the first of the National Math and Science Initiative states to go online
  • They have tripled the number of students taking and passing AP tests!! These are students that had no access before
Online learning is so critical in providing the variety of courses necessary for more rural students to succeed in college.  It is great to see TIE getting it done!