Monday, September 19, 2011

College Prep Bait and Switch

There is a lot more chatter about the current bait and switch in higher education.  The first time I heard it was really about telling kids from inner city schools that if you work hard you can go to college - so they do but find out they can only afford community college or piling on college loans they can't afford. 

Now the bait and switch is go to college and you will have incredible earning potential - but college grads find out they are ill prepared for the "real world" after college.  From the USA Today College article "Good student, bad employee: The bait and switch of college preparation"

"College preparation isn't always aligned with workplace realities. College students are working to better themselves employees are working to better an organization."

Other issues
  1. Focus on trail and revision at college - no one wants that in the real world as we need results now
  2. Independent out of the box thinking is good in college - but most entry level jobs use little creativity and pretty much need rote thinking
These are the same kids that got trophies for showing up, didn't keep score until the later grades, and received constant affirmation of their worth.  So the trauma of moving from college to the real world is even greater.  It's time for higher ed to start truly preparing kids for real life.