Thursday, September 29, 2011

Online Higher Ed Boost - New GI Bill to pay housing!

Many military students avoided online schools while using the GI Bill because they were going to lose the housing allowance.  But in GI Bill 2.0 which starts in October, online students will receive a housing allowance of $673.50 per month.  The VA says they expect 40,000 students to take advantage of this - they are wrong.  They are only counting current students.

This is going to go a lot higher.  Online schools offer the convenience and flexibility that military students want.  It is also a lot easier to carry a full time online load, get the housing allowance and still keep a job - compared to a traditional campus.

The great thing here is that injured Veterans can now study at home.  But watch - this is a HUGE benefit to online schools who know how to work with the military - they are going to attract a lot more students.