Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Boomers! Stop Creating New Non-Profits!!

Great article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Calling All Boomers: Don't Start More Nonprofits by Mark Rosenman that lays it out perfectly.  There are too many non-profits already with a seriously dwindling amount of disposable income in the upper and middle class.  So the last thing we need is more non-profits competing for money and talent. 

But that is what boomers want to do according to the article as 12 million are leaning that way.  Really - we need 12 million more non-profits to solve the world's problems?  No - we need your talent and your dollars to go to existing non-profits.

At this time of Thanksgiving, give thanks that there are so many great groups out there doing great things for those in need that you can give your money and time - don't give thanks by competing with them.