Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Common Core Resources

The LTF team is going all out to make it much easier for districts and teachers to bring common core state standards into the classroom.  There is a great blog post up on their site about their resources and the response from teachers - from the common core blog post

Another English teacher at Ruston, Mrs. Emily Howell, commented, “As soon as I saw the Common Core Standards and began to read them in detail, I thought, 'We’re already complying with these standards because we’ve been doing LTF for three years.’” Mrs. Howell is the current Louisiana High School Teacher of the Year.
Mrs. Howell went on to say, “The terminology is very similar, the skills are very similar, and the desired end results are the same. Laying the Foundation is the answer to ‘How will we implement Common Core?’”

Help your teachers help your students - get them some LTF common core training and resources.