Thursday, December 8, 2011

Colorado - I3, NMSI & LTF

Having been in the military I am used to acronyms and abbreviations.  Heck, the Navy had the DICNAVAB but education certainly is a very close second in abbreviations.

But the news is great for Colorado and Indiana students!!  The US Department of Education has awarded an Investing in Innovation (thus the I3) grant to the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI).  That grant includes funding for Laying the Foundation (LTF) to provide teacher training and classroom ready resources.  The goal is to ensure that more students are ready to take and pass AP classes in both Colorado and Indiana through an increased focus on teacher training and more time on task for students.  And if they do pass, both the students and the teachers recieve a bonus.

Very exciting times!
Read the article in Businessweek:
Read the press release from NMSI: