Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Return the American Dream!

Dr. Mary Ann Rankin has an excellent column on the Huffington Post on How We Can Get the American Dream Back for our Kids.  I am biased because her solution does focus on Laying the Foundation and our merger with the National Math and Science Initiative.

You see, back in my father's time engineering was the way into the middle class.  Somehow we have lost that as a country and it is because our education system is failing to prepare students to get there.

From her post:
"college depends on preparation that begins in middle school or earlier, especially in the critical areas of math and science. Students who fail to learn the basics in these fields have little hope of catching up in time to succeed in college. The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) merged this month with the teacher-training organization Laying the Foundation (LTF) precisely so that we can do more to prepare students for success from the sixth grade onward"

We know what needs to be done - in 2012 our goal is to find more school districts who are ready to take on the challenge of better preparing their students so that more of them will find their way into the middle class through STEM careers.