Sunday, January 8, 2012

Useful degree, job then hobby - in that order!

Props to Joanne Jacobs for highlighting htis great post from Barry Rubin - The Graduate: Why Should Everyone Else Pay for Other People's Dumb (and Hedonistic) Career Choices.  I have been saying this for a while but occasionally get flack from people that claim that anyone can get a job as long as they have a college degree.

But there are way too many college graduates and the jobs have become too specialized.  If I need a marketer, I am hiring someone with a marketing degree - not an Art History major.  The Art History major will have to go open an art history store somewhere I guess.

From the article - a 28 year old can't make a living and gets frustrated because.......
"Here’s the secret: He cannot make a living because the market for people with degrees in linguistics and in Oriental philosophy is limited. He should have known that. Someone should have told him that. The calculation of practicality should have been made. It wasn’t."

Rubin proposes three things:

  1. Young people should be taught that the world doesn't owe them a living
  2. It is a mistake for everyone to go to college and believe that they will get money when the graduate regardless of what they study
  3. Studying social sciences and humanities, not to mention all of the phony degrees that have been created to meet "student needs" does not make one employable "NOR does a degree have written on it "hire this person at a high salary"
Thus the advice from Mr. Rubin - "Get a useful education, a job and a hobby in that order. And don't expect the hardworking people who have had to make compromises in their own lives, to pay you to do whatever you want."