Friday, January 13, 2012

Why Can't Employers Find Workers

More than half of all US employers had trouble filling job openings because they couldn't find skilled workers - a 38% jump and difficult to understand when 13 million are still unemployed and looking for work.

So we have a huge disconnect in employment according to an article about the Manpower survey entitled Role reversal: Employers say they can't find workers.

Some of this is a legitimate issue since we are not preparing workers for the workforce of today but Manpower claims that some it is that employers have been spoiled and got lazy and don't seem to remember they have to recruit the right people.  Employers don't want to move people because of the high cost and are not offering the salary and benefits to get people excited.

We should see an interesting shift in the upcoming months on hiring but the bottom line is that we need a better STEM focus to ensure that more high school graduates have the option to move into the workforce or college and have the skills to succeed.