Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"LTF is especially key to reach students in the eary years"!

Great update from NMSI CEO Mary Ann Rankin that really focuses on the great work that LTF is doing with students

Mary Ann Rankins on how the National Math+Science Initiative prepares math teachers

Some great quotes -
"We provide teachers with lessons and exercises that allow students to discover math principles themselves through problems and activities that are practical and engaging. When students can work in teams and discover principles for themselves rather than just listening to a lecture, they are much more involved in their own learning and they retain information in a different and more permanent way. Hands on applications of math remove some of the fear of the subject.
In fact students may be learning math without even realizing it. This is a very different type of teaching -- the teacher is a guide and a resource rather than a "sage on the stage." But in order to be effective, this type of lesson must be well-structured so the students achieve key learning goals.
LTF trains teachers in this kind of instruction ("inquiry-based learning" or project-based instruction) and provides lessons/exercises that teachers can use to augment the traditional curriculum"

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