Friday, February 10, 2012

US Way Behind in STEM Graduates

From the comprehensive OECD Report -

"There are about 1,472 math and science grads for every 100,000 employed 25- to 34-year-olds in the United States, according to the data. The compares to more than 3,555 in Korea, which leads the chart, according to the OECD figures based on 2009 data.

The United States falls between Spain and Iceland on the chart, and is noticeably lower than the OECD average. The figures do not reflect how many people with STEM degrees are actually employed in their field or using the skills they learned."

Wow - would we really tolerate being behind these countries in any other endeavor such as sports?

Reasons for this problem:
  • Poor perception of math and science fields
  • Poor preparation of teachers and not enough inspiring teachers in math and science
  • Lack of student success in math and science
  • Not prepared for college in math and science
  • First Robotics competitions - pretty darn amazing
  • UTeach - recruiting math and science experts and teaching them to deliver exciting and engaging math/science content
  • LTF Training - getting so many students prepared for math and science careers through inquiry based lessons and teacher training
  • AP and APTIP - passing AP in STEM results in better college success and APTIP gets more students ready to succeed in AP
We have a huge problem in STEM and we now have programs that can address the problem.  So let's get it done.