Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why AP?

Here are some great reasons from a presentation last week at the College Board conference in Arkansas:
Successful AP students develop the content knowledge, skills, and habits of mind :
  • higher first-and fourth-year college GPAs (Hargrove, Godin, & Dodd, 2008)
  • higher performance in intermediate-level college courses (Morgan & Klaric, 2007)
  • higher likelihood of majoring in the particular subject in which they participated in AP, especially STEM subjects Mattern, Shaw, & Ewing, 2011)
  • higher four-year bachelor’s degree attainment rates Hargrove, Godin, & Dodd, 2008)

Why aren’t more students taking AP?
  • 33% of students are at a school that does not offer the AP class they need
  • 45% don’t take the class even though they have the potential to take it

And why does Laying the Foundation care?  70% of students lack the pre AP rigor to have the potential for AP success
  • 17% of students complete high school with at least one successful AP experience
  • 13% have the potential to succeed in AP but don’t
  • 70% need increased preparation to get there

There you have it - we need to focus more on the 70% and provide the skills and the confidence to those students so that they are ready for AP!!