Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Study!!

One of my biggest complaints as a parent is that schools are horrible at teaching students how to study.  They jump right from studying the worksheet in elementary school to supposedly self study in middle school with no actual lessons on what it means to study to deeply understand content. 

For my girls it really didn't come until they took AP classes - their AP teachers helped them learn to study for exams - but were they doing it right?

Dan Willingham - one of my favorites in education - has a post saying that Students Should be Taught How to Study.  A survey of students found that they spend most time re-reading texts which is the least effective way to study.  Coming in at number nine is self-testing which is the best way to promote deep understanding!

For great tips on studying smart, Willingham refers to the American Psychological Associations website and a Study Smart article.  I have one left in college and she is so getting this link.