Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Student Loan Bubble

I love this essay entitled "The Loan Defaults are Coming: Here's What To Do" by Jackson Toby - bottom line:

"Insert a risk-assessment component into all future student loans that includes credit-worthiness and past academic performance, in order to maximize the likelihood of loan repayment and minimize defaults that add to the national debt."

Piling on $75,000 in debt for a general studies degree or worse, some of the ridiculous for-profits that are piling on $25,000 in debt for a vocational nursing degree is ridiculous since there is little hope that the loans will be paid off.

College access for all must have some reality to it meaning there has to be some risk component added to the loan.  You cannot just give loans to everyone especially in the current predatory market.

I would take it one step further and force all education institutions to have some skin in the game because THAT would really change the college loan mindset.