Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Best Apps for Teachers

eSchool News has one of those annoying slide shows with their take on the 10 Best Apps for Education. I will spare you the annoyance by listing them here without the pain of waiting for each page and having to look at their ads (and believe me it was painfully slow this morning). 
  1. World Lens - instantly translates signage from one language to another which is great for language teachers.  FREE
  2. Molecules - view and manipulate three dimensional models of molecules for science classes - FREE
  3. Blackboard Mobile Learn - if you have already been trapped by the Blackboard beast, your students can use this for the courses.  FREE
  4. Today in History - lists what happened on this day in history. FREE
  5. Math Ref Free - a free version of math ref which has 600 formulas, figures, tips and examples - great math study guide. FREE
  6. P186 Graphing Calculator - clone of the TI-83 for graphing but its FREE
  7. Star Walk - an astral telescope that adapts its view to wherever the use holds it up highlighting planets and constellations. $2.99
  8. Cram - allows you to create flashcards and self-tests that you can use and share with others. $3.99
  9. Essay Grader - comes with pre-written comments and helps teachers cut down on grading time -you can export/print or email results. $5.99
  10. eClicker - provides instant results for the class showing where you have been successful and what areas need more focus for your students. $9.99
Pretty cool - especially eClicker since the clickers are so danged expensive but quite useful.