Monday, April 23, 2012

The College Paradox

Great article in The Atlantic; "The Paradox of College: The Rising Cost of Going (and Not Going!) to School" by senior editor Derek Thompson that talks about the NMSI AP incentive program.  The main thing that jumped out at us, besides the support for this wildly successful program is this:

"In the last 30 years, the typical college tuition has tripled. But over the exact same period, the earnings gap between college-educated adults and high school graduates has also tripled. In 1979, the wage difference was 75%. In 2003, it was 230%."

Many, including me, have discussed the value of a college degree and wonder if it is truly worth it based upon the incredible cost increases over the last few years.  But it does appear that the gap between what you can earn with a degree versus what you can earn without does warrant the investment.

He goes on to discuss the research by C. Kirabo Jackson the positive impacts of AP incentives on college access and success.  The program puts the focus on college and college preparatory courses for high school students and truly changes the culture in the school.

Since 40% of students don't start college and 70% don't have a bachelor's degree - it seems like we need to have NMSI!