Monday, April 9, 2012

NMSI Works!

Nice blog post over at EdWeek by Jaclyn Zubrzycki - "Study: Paying Students for AP Scores Increases Educational Attainment".  Hate the title since that is not the prime focus of the National Math and Science Initiative. 

"Jackson set out to determine the APIP's impact on the college attendance, sophomore-year college persistence, college completion, labor market participation, and wage earnings of students who were in 10th grade between 1994 and 2007. He used the K-12 and college educational data available through the Texas Education Agency and Texas Higher Education Board to determine program participants' educational attainment, and unemployment insurance information to determine workplace participation and earnings.

He found that students enrolled in APIP took and passed more AP courses and enrolled in college, were more likely to persist in college, earn college credits, and earn bachelors degrees, and more likely to be employed and earning higher wages. For instance, before the program was adopted, approximately 22.9 percent of students took an AP course; 30.4 percent took such courses after the program was adopted. Each student also took more AP courses.
Some more findings from Jackson's report:
  • Among students likely to take AP courses, there was a 1.7-percentage point increase in graduating from college, a 2.7-percentage point increase in the likelihood of being employed in 2010, and a 5.7-percent increase in earnings conditional on employment.
  • The results also reveal sizable benefits for Hispanic students, who experience about a 2.5-percentage point increase in college degree attainment and an 11-percent increase in earnings.
  • The earnings increases for Hispanic and black students are large enough to reduce the black-white earnings gap by one third and to eliminate the Hispanic-white earnings gap entirely.
He also compared schools that paid $100 per exam to schools that paid more, and found that while both groups saw benefits, schools that paid between $101 and $500 per exam saw a bigger wage increase than schools that paid less."

BIG NOTE:  Laying the Foundation is the HUGE Pre-AP teacher training component of this program and the main reason that the pipeline fo students ready to take AP increased substantially during this time!