Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Common Core Implementation: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

GREAT NEWS for teachers and for Laying the Foundation / National Math + Science! We have been chosen to lead the formation of the Educator Leader Cadres for PARCC.  The Education Leader Cadres (ELC) are 24 educators from the 24 PARCC states that will provide the leadership, support, tools and training to teachers in their states to ensure a highly effective and efficient implementation of Common Core State Standards. We are creating a special ELC Moodle LMS for these educators to help spread great open source teacher training and content and using Big Blue Button as an open source webinar program for all PARCC states to use.

We will have our first meetings towards the end of July with over 600 amazing educators from around the country. Our task is to increase their expertise so that they can develop open source tools that all teachers can use to improve college readiness in their classrooms.

Standards are a piece of paper - it takes teacher to bring them to life to create a rigorous classroom experience that ensures more students are college ready!!