Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Educator Leader Cadres!

Love the name - sort of - but what are Educator Leader Cadres (ELC) and why should we care?  Educator Leader Cadres are the groups that are going to ensure that many more educators are ready for Common Core State Standards and PARCC assessments - from the PARCC website:

1. What is an educator leader cadre?
An educator leader cadre is a team of 24 educators from each PARCC state. Together, these teams
make up a network of K-16 educators that will provide leadership on state implementation of the
Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and PARCC.

2. What will be the makeup of each state’s cadre?
Each PARCC state is responsible for identifying its cadre members and developing a process for selecting
participants.  The makeup of each team will vary by state, but the cadres will include recognized leaders
that have a broad professional network that can be leveraged to reach an ever expanding number of

3. What will the educator leader cadres do?
The ultimate goal of the state educator leader cadres is to develop a network of K-16 educators that can
help lead implementation of PARCC and the CCSS and that can lay the groundwork for sharing best
practices and quality resources. In order to develop these networks, cadre members will engage in
focused activities around the CCSS and PARCC as they work towards the two goals outlined below. The
activities will be structured to enable cadre members to facilitate similar activities in their respective

  1. Cadre members will strengthen their content expertise in the CCSS and PARCC. They will focus on  three specific areas: conducting a close study of the CCSS, PARCC Model Content Frameworks, and PARCC prototype tasks; reviewing and providing feedback on PARCC-developed assessment and instructional tools, materials, and rubrics to ensure quality and alignment, and suggesting additional tools where necessary; and engaging in discussions with colleagues about the use and dissemination of those tools, which will be made available for use in states, districts, and schools. 
  2. Cadre members will become leaders in their state by supporting and engaging in professional development with other educators.  This work will be aligned with state implementation plans and is expected to continue and grow through 2014-15 and beyond.  Through the ELCs, PARCC states will provide educators with the tools they need to lead and facilitate ongoing discussions with their peers.  The cadre’s leadership will help prepare states, districts and schools for sustained implementation by working to build deep expertise in the CCSS and PARCC.  

4. How does the work of the educator leader cadres align with state implementation plans?
The cadres are intended to be an integral part of each state’s strategy for engaging educators in the
CCSS and PARCC. Therefore, the work of the cadres will be connected to—and placed in context of—the implementation work already underway in PARCC states.  Through the PARCC Transition and
Implementation Institutes, states have been working to refine their implementation plans and timelines
to reflect the various resources that will be developed by PARCC, including the ELCs. PARCC is
encouraging each state to include a member of its Transition and Implementation team in its educator
leader cadre to ensure coherence and connectivity.  In addition, cadre members will have an
opportunity to discuss local implementation plans and the role that the cadres can and should play to
build capacity at the state, district, and school level to prepare for implementation and long-term
success.   Implementation timelines and plans will vary, but the work of the cadres will be anchored in a
focused set of outcomes that will help strengthen current implementation plans.

5. When will the first meeting be and how frequently will the cadres meet?
PARCC will use both face-to-face and online meetings to provide ongoing support to cadre members.
PARCC is expecting to hold the first face-to-face meeting in Summer 2012.

6. Who will cover costs of participating in the Educator Leader Cadres?
PARCC will cover travel and lodging costs for all participants.  This includes airfare, meals, ground
transportation and hotel room costs

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