Thursday, May 3, 2012

Favorties from New Schools Venture Fund Summit!

I was able to attend the New Schools Venture Fund Summit 2012 in San Francisco this week and it was phenomenal. The content is just the best of any education meeting and the networking with the best of the best in education entrepreneurs just opens up so many possibilities for the National Math and Science Initiative and Laying the Foundation!

So here are my favorite quotes that I tweeted about during the conference:
"We have stop talking to ourselves and bring others into this movement" - Ted Mitchell .
"We should tell no lies and claim no easy victories with our kids" - Howard Fuller
"We are in a street fight and we are approaching it like a college debate" - Howard Fuller
"Instead of running from parent choice we need districts to be running to parent choice" - Howard Fuller
"We have to radically change the way we train, prepare, on ramp and keep teachers to change education"- Norm Atkins
"With Common Core State Standards students have to read complex texts with care & have to ask students to read something worth reading" - David Coleman
"Leveled versions of texts are no version at all. Don't bring texts down to student, bring students up the level of the text" - David Coleman
"Without heart ravaging texts you are nowhere in teaching complex texts" - David Coleman
"All may not agree with Race to the Top but most agree that competitive grants where we constantly evolve and learn every year is a great method for improving education" - Mike Petrilli

There were many more. This is a great conference to learn, energize and ensure that we all work even harder to move the needle for all students. 

Thank you New Schools!