Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Implementing Common Core 'Bama Style

A+ College Ready is our partner in Alabama and they have taken LTF training and lessons to create a way for middle schools to really push the rigor required for Common Core State Standards to ensure more students are college ready.  

From their website on "New Pre-AP Curriculum Rolled Out" - 

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about Friday’s pre-AP training,” wrote Melissa Shields, director of curriculum for Etowah County, in an email correspondence with A+CR president, Mary Boehm. “Very relevant and timely training!”

Each class opened with an overview of the Common Core State Standards, supporting the importance of aligning all courses to help students meet and exceed them. Columbia High School English teacher Amanda Bannister commented, “This is the first time that the reasoning behind the adoption of the common core and changes recommended in the curriculum have been explained to me.”

“Was I teaching at the pre-AP level before? NO,” she stated. “Will I be doing that going forward? ABSOLUTELY! Very exciting!”

A+ College Ready is getting amazing results - last year 8,500 Alabama students took AP exams but this year over 13,000 have!  Incredible!!

We are so glad to be a part of raising the bar for all Alabama students through Common Core State Standards.  While the standards are the same, it is still very much up to the states to decide on the best implementation plan. We are honored that Alabama's plan includes Laying the Foundation.