Thursday, June 7, 2012

Who is Teaching Probability to Teachers? These Guys

One of the great things about the new Common Core State Standards in the much earlier introduction of probability and statistics. The math team at LTF Training responded and we are out everywhere this summer teaching teachers how to teacher probability in grades 6-10!

Judging from the responses on our middle school math teachers forum and high school math teachers forum - we are getting it done in a big way.

I have enjoyed Laying The Foundation for the past three years and simply enjoy the fact that this training is actually useful. We have all been to those trainings on best practices, classroom management, district policies...and this one is actually about the MATH. I like the fact that you get to dive in and do the problems...this allows one to find out where their students would get caught up, or make mistakes. These lessons will allow teachers to raise the expectations in the walls of their classrooms...which in return makes students more academically successful...and more college-ready!

"I really like the probability day. I thought a lot of the lessons were adaptable for a 7th grade classroom. I think students would be engaged in the activities, especially if they were even more personalized to them."

"This has been a great week of information. The best lesson has been about probability . My kids would really like these lessons."

"Of the lessons we have covered this week I have found the probability lessons to be the most useful. There a lot of great lessons I will incorporate from the Probability book. Day 1 and 3 are not topics we cover until after STAAR and many of the lessons include topics that we do not touch on at all. I did like the rate graphs and I do think I will use a few of these to show the kids how distance and time affect one another."

It is absolutely critical that we teach teachers how to teach probability to our students - and teach it so that it sticks. You can't just tell teachers to teach more rigorous content - you have to give them some model lessons they can immediately use in class. 

As LTF expands - kids win!