Thursday, July 26, 2012

Communicating Common Core State Standards

Communicating Common Core

37% people believe education is the prime factor affecting competitiveness & teachers are THE most trusted source on education.

Teachers now show much greater awareness of Common Core than 6 months ago – up from 68% to 87%.  However 80% think that Common Core doesn't really change what they teach. SO WE HAVE A TON OF WORK. Those 80% are going to have a rude awakening in August 2015. 

As we implement Common Core – a majority of people support the work and the assessments. 

The Educator Leader Cadre are the ambassadors for Common Core State Standards.

       As schools begin implementing Common Core State Standards and new assessments, there is majority support from voters and teachers alike.
       Importantly, the more teachers know about the CCSS, the more likely they are to support implementing the standards and the new assessments. Teacher knowledge has grown significantly over the last six months.
       It is possible that as states and districts move from the CCSS being an idea to reality with implementation, overall support may slip.  But how much it slips may be dependent on how strong the implementation plan is – and how well that plan is communicated.
       Ongoing and sustained communications is key to maintaining and building lasting support for both teachers and voters.

       It is critical to sustain or ramp up efforts to educate your fellow teachers—including what the implementation plan is and what they can expect. Focus groups with teachers reinforce the importance of good professional development, aligned materials, and their desire to collaborate with colleagues.
       Voters also need to become increasingly aware of the CCSS and what it means for students and parents. What will be different? How will the expectations change? What kind of support will be available? Voters, like teachers, also need to understand how these changes fit into the broader reform agenda, why it’s important, and the value of the new standards to our education system and economy. is a great public-facing resource
       RI has a strong communications plan
       Chiefs around the country are tweeting, using Facebook and other social media tools to communicate
       AR Governor and Commissioner video on the CCSS:
       The Hunt Institute has created instructional videos:
       Student Achievement Partners has posted resources:
       PTA Common Core Parent Guides: