Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Wow - tried to write this as fast as possible (video presentation will be coming soon)

PARCC tests will provide three scaled scores so that you can see how your students are progressing year to year –
·      Students read and comprehend a range of sufficiently complex texts independently
o   Reading literature
o   Reading informational text
o   Vocabulary interpretation and use – in context not simple memorizing a definition
·      Students write effectively when using and or analyzing sources – no machine scored questions that measure the claims and instruction around writing. Students actually write to demonstrate mastery.
o   Written expression
o   Conventions and knowledge of language
·      Students build (not gather – by design) and present knowledge through research and the integration

Design of Performance Based Task
·      Research
o   Research simulation – provide the text that they will be required pull together the evidence from the text to present an argument or explanation that demonstrates they understand what they have read through the research problem.
o   They read one extended text (800 words in elementary to 1500 words in high school). Have to read with persistence and stamina – a range of complex text. Questions they answer are designed to get students to go deep into the reading to get the ideas to solve the problem
o   First written part is to summarize the passage – then they will read additional text, answer some questions around that text to gather what they need to provide a response to a research problem.
o   This gives us the evidence as to the claim.
·      Literature Analysis Task
o   Read two sufficiently complex literary texts  and answering questions around those texts based on the literary analysis standards
·      Narrative Writing Task
o   Three different writing types