Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What is Evidence Centered Design in Common Core?

What is Evidence Centered Design (new acronym in education!! ECD) - what can I point to, highlight or underline the provide evidence of mastering the standard? Task models are designed to eliciting the evidence to truly measure mastery of the standards.

Very different way of building an assessment from PARCC -

  • Design begins with the inferences (claims) we want to make about students—should be connected clearly to the CCSS/State Standards 
  • In order to support claims, we must gather evidence----design of student classroom work should allow us to evaluate whether each student has met the daily learning objective
  • Activities (tasks) are designed to elicit specific evidence from students in support of claims 
ECD can inform a deliberate and systematic approach to instruction that will help to ensure daily classroom work leads to all students meeting the CCSS.