Monday, August 13, 2012

Common Core = Business?

Interesting article over at EdWeek's Marketplace K-12 blog called "Business Opportunities Seen in New Tests, Low Scores". The premise being that some states do have education funding and have rather large gaps between their current state tests and NAEP. Since the new Common Core State Standard tests will have similar scores to NAEP the logic is that those states will look the worse on the new tests.

Business will follow the money and flow to the biggest opportunity. Therefore, you should see a line outside Kevin Huffman's door in Tennessee to help them prepare for their implementation of PARCC tests.

The other startling graph is the one that seems to show spending on instruction and services go from $50B to $90B over the next 4 years.  If that is truly the size of the trough, their will be some seriously large hogs flocking to it - essentially eliminating the little piggies.

However, there is "the opportunity in education is for startup companies taking a teacher-centric approach, winning customers through product development, not sales forces. In that world, the bigger companies fear the startups, they don't necessarily buy them."

Oh yeah - FEAR THE LTF - no one is more teacher-centric product than ours.