Monday, August 20, 2012

PARCC Assessment Prototypes Released

PARCC has released item tasks and prototypes  - based upon our first Educator Leader Cadre meeting this is exactly what teachers want to see -

A good note from PARCC about the key limitations of the prototypes:
  • Each prototype includes an interactive model of the item for online use, along with a downloadable supporting PDF document that includes annotations for the item or task describing how the item or task is aligned to the CCSS and highlighting key advances in assessment quality.
  • While some embedded supports are demonstrated within the prototype items, a full range of possible supports is not yet included.
  • Prototypes are not yet intended to address the range of computer-based display styles and embedded supports that will be made available for students with disabilities during the administration of the actual assessment.
  • While online and technology-enhanced interactivity is demonstrated in the prototypes, these illustrative items and tasks do not reflect the final technical specifications, hardware and software requirements, input and output device allowances, online security guidelines, or computer-based display options of the actual PARCC assessment. The computer and connectivity requirements necessary to access and interact with the prototype site should not be assumed to be the requirements for the final PARCC assessment.
A quick look at the third grade end of year prototype we see that students still need to understand how to find "one main idea" but then have to site their supporting evidence for saying that!!

For 10th grade students must read Ovid's "Daedalus and Icarus" and select an important theme of the work and site three pieces of evidence for selecting that theme.  This is a 10th grade test - not an AP test!

The math prototypes are exceptionally cool - with a sliding graph in the grade 7 math item using the latest in technology to have students create a graph that is the negative of the existing function.  This is not about memorizing - this is about knowing math. 

Pretty cool start - more to come.