Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PARCC Educator Leaders Cohort II

Great start to the Cohort II meeting of the Educator Leader Cadre for the PARCC states.  This time with educators from Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.  Great energy to start.

Sphere of influence - after each training, ELC members will determine how they will use what they learn and how will they share what they learn.

What is college and career ready? Prepared for credit bearing coursework upon entrance into a post-secondary institution. Career? Zone 3 job - which means living wage, eligible for benefits and advancement. The basis for Common Core and the PARCC assessments. (note I had zone 4 before but it is actually zone 3).

PARCC - assessing the full range of Common Core State Standards - not just the standards that are easy to measure

  • Full range of mathematical practice will be assessed which most said would be too hard to do
  • ELA/Literacy - research standards will be addressed through simulations where students will synthesize multiple sources to answer the research question
  • Most assessment measure the middle really well - get really good information on those students but PARCC will get a lot more information about the tails.
Machine scored does not mean only multiple choice. 

From the Q&A: 
  • First thing that educators were happy with on PARCC briefing? Formative assessments to help instruction plus final assessments given at the end of the year - not in the middle of the year. 
  • 35% of teachers time is spent on assessments - PARCC creates increased literacy on assessments for teachers. 
  • How is PARCC working with groups on linking this to Educator Preparation? PARCC has been reaching out to all higher ed associations to keep them involved
  • What does "optional" mean for assessments at the beginning of the year - states decide optional and district can decide - if not, than the school decides. 
  • Who decides about time for tests? All of the big assessment issues are decided by the PARCC states  - they are driving development and implementation
  • Whatever assessment you are using will be replaced by the PARCC assessments for math and literacy.