Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Transforming College Access

Great article on our program in Indiana and how well it is going in the first year of an I3 grant from US DOE on EdWeek's College Bound blog.  Love the great press on the program and what it is doing for students. Our results will be released next month and they are pretty incredible.

"Currently, about 12 percent of Indiana students who take AP exams receive a score of at least 3 (considered the minimum to pass on a scale of 1-5). The goal is to boost that figure to 25 percents, says Morris.

This summer, the initiative started with a week-long professional development session for AP teachers to deepen their content knowledge in math, science, or English. They will also receive additional training for two days in the fall and again in the spring.
Teachers in the program are required to provide four hours a week outside of class time for structured tutoring. There are also Saturday study sessions.
Then, there is the hard cash. Teachers receive a small stipend ($500) for their extra time, but they have an added perk if their students pass the AP exam — namely $100 for each successful pupil. Students also get $100 if they get a score of 3 or higher."