Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Library of Congress Resources for Common Core

Pretty cool free resource for Common Core State Standards at the Library of Congress Website.  Since research is such a huge component of the common core it just seems right that they would get involved. Plenty of resources for our PARCC ELC members as well as any teacher looking to implement common core in the classroom:

"The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are on many teachers’ minds this school year, and the Library of Congress is ready to help. The Library’s teacher resources are a great fit for teachers trying to meet key CCSS goals, including critical thinking, analyzing informational texts, and working with primary sources. They’re all free, and finding them is as easy as going to www.loc.gov/teachers.
Hundreds of Library of Congress lesson plans, primary source sets, presentations and more—all based on authentic primary sources from the Library’s online collections—are now aligned to the CCSS, to state content standards, and to several national organizations’ standards.
The Library’s updated Search by Standards tool makes it easy to find the resources you need to meet your Common Core or state standards. Select your state, grade level, and subject for a list of Library of Congress teaching materials aligned to those standards. Or, once you’ve found a lesson plan or primary source set that you’d like to use, one click will show you which of your standards that particular item meets"