Friday, November 9, 2012

Common Core Assessment Results

I started the PARCC Educator Leader Cadre meeting with a challenge - how were the educators going to respond in 2015 when less than half their students were proficient.  This is based on predictions that the new assessments results would mirror NAEP.

Kentucky has proven that to be true. They provided a common core like assessment to students at the end of the 2011-2012 school year and here are the results compared to their former state assessment from the EdWeek article Scores Drop on KY Common Core Aligned Tests -

Elementary reading

  • CCSS Assessment - 48% proficient 
  • State Assessment  - 76% proficient
Elementary math
  • CCSS Assessment - 40.4% proficient
  • State Assessment - 73% proficient
Middle School reading
  • CCSS Assessment - 46.8 proficient
  • State Assessment - 70% proficient
Middle School math
  • CCSS Assessment - 40.6% proficient
  • State Assessment - 65% proficient
High School reading
  • CCSS Assessment - 52.2% proficient
  • State/ACT Quality Core Assessment - 65% proficient
High School math (Algebra 2)
  • CCSS Assessment - 40% proficient
  • State Assessment - 46%
The predictions they had used showed a much steeper drop so they were actually a little more pleased with the results. We like to think that is because well over 1,000 Kentucky teachers are NMSI / Laying the Foundation trained to deliver common core lessons in the classroom.

You have to admire Kentucky for getting out in front of this and shining a harsh spotlight on the real results for students.  They will be way ahead of the game!