Monday, February 11, 2013

Dual Credit VS AP

Interesting article out of Killeen, Texas where they saw a decline dual credit participation and an increase in AP participation.  Dual credit wen down from 610 last year to 410 students this year - a 32.7% decrease.  The only reason according to an article Fewer KISD Students in Dual Credit CTC Classes was the increase in AP due to NMSI's Military Family AP Program.

There is a huge difference in the AP and dual credit and it is pointed out in the final line of the article - the pass rate for dual credit went rom 94% to 95%.  I am sure Central Texas College is a fine school - but I question the rigor of a supposedly college level course that is taken by high school students where the pass rate is 95%.

If you pass an AP exam - it means the same thing in Kileen as it does in Boston.  For military families - that means a lot.  They may not be going to a Texas school and having AP credits means that they can apply to almost any college and have those credits count. That is why so many students shifted to the AP classes - I am sure the $100 helped - but it is really about doing what is best for their college applications.