Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Common Core and Testing!

I have two great posts up at our NMSI Blog - the first is on an interesting white paper from an Anti-Testing group called Challenge Success.  I normally would not even read it but one of my academic staff said we need to and it is pretty amazing - they capture the essence of what we are fighting for -

You can't just require rigorous courses, you have to give teachers the training and resources to lay the groundwork for the increased rigor and increase enrollment by building actual demand! It is pretty incredible so please read more about Challenging AP without Supports.

The second post is about the amazing response to our Open Resources for Common Core which have now been visited over 12,000 times in just three weeks and our open lessons have been visited over 11,000 times. We need we would get an incredible response but this is beyond belief!

So much going on at National Math and Science Initiative!