Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Navy Supports Local MS Schools

I started working with Mississippi schools when I was CEO of ABCTE and we were able to get our teacher recruitment and training program into a state that desperately needed math and science teachers. I found the people there to be incredibly nice and had a true desire to move forward.

I went there again last year as we looked to expand NMSI's AP program. It was then we found out that only 19 black students in the entire state took and passed a math or science AP test.  That is horrific.

But that is about to change thanks to the United States Navy through the Office of Naval Research. They are committed to working with the schools near their labs and they selected both Ocean Springs and Biloxi to receive grants for the AP program. Both schools start this summer.

Having served in the Navy, it warms my heart to see support for schools that truly need it.  We look forward to posting amazing results next fall!

Read more about the NMSI AP Program in Mississippi and some good press on the announcement Biloxi High School Advanced Placement.