Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thomas Friedman Tips from New Schools Venture

Thomas Friedman on the 5 tips he gives to his daughters on life to succeed in the hyper-connected world that requires that you constantly learn and grow: 
  1. Every day in every way think like immigrant - everything could be taken away at any time
  2. Think like an artisan - make every item you make whether it is a memo or email or - take pride in your work
  3. Think like a start up - if you ever think you are finished, you will be finished - nothing is done. Always see yourself as a work in progress. 
  4. Persistence, Grit  and Passion will always win over intelligence- -your employer can get anyone from anywhere
  5. Think like a waitress at Perkins Pancake house - she may not control much but if she thinks like an entrepreneur over what she controls she can make great tips and get ahead.