Monday, June 10, 2013

STEM Education and Immigration Bills

Nice piece in the Christian Science Monitor on "How immigration reform might also spur young Americans to study math, science" by David Grant. The new Immigration Reform bills have some great language that would provide funding for STEM programs - as much as $700 million in Congressmen Issa's bill by increasing fees from H-1B visas.

It is great to see Washington trying to actually fix the problem instead of just applying band-aids.

As I said in the article - this could be "game-changing" money for STEM especially for groups like ours - the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) - to significantly increase STEM capable students graduating from our schools.

He kind of averaged the AP stat which is actually this - for math and science AP exams taken in 2012, the situation is even more dire – only 10% of all juniors and seniors nationally, 4% of African-Americans and 6% of Hispanics took the tests. And the EPI study is a totally flawed study refuted by the much more extensive STEM study from Georgetown.