Tuesday, July 9, 2013

State Initiated Curriculum = Common Core

Phenomenal article out of Macon today entitled Midstate teachers gear up for state-initiated curriculum which talks about the NMSI Common Core Teacher Training that really speaks to what this means for teachers and students.

  1. Teachers are sacrificing their summer to bring increased rigor to their classrooms
  2. Teachers with over a decade of experience are going 'back to school' to improve
  3. Common core state standards ARE a state initiated curriculum
  4. Common core is allowing teachers to go deeper into subjects 
  5. Students will better understand the content and make key connections with the topics they have learned
  6. This is a movement towards depth of material! 
  7. In summary - common core is a laser focus on important content that is connected and builds in cognitive and instructional rigor across grade levels
I really love the work that NMSI is doing with teaches across the country to ensure more students are college and career ready. This article is truly a great testament to that work.