Monday, August 19, 2013

Common Core Partnerships!

Great partnership to help train teachers in Louisiana on Common Core with A+PEL and National Math + Science Initiative highlighted in this article - Louisiana teachers gather at Pineville High to study Common Core. We had 60 teachers gathered for NMSI elementary teacher Common Core training which went incredibly well -
  • “Teachers have been teaching one way for years,” said Keith Courville, director of professional development and university programs for Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana. “It’s a lot to demand individual teachers and districts to figure this out on their own.”
  • “In some ways, what’s happening here today is a pilot test for what large-scale elementary school training will look like,” Courville said
Great start this year as NMSI launches our elementary teacher training in response to demand from our work with PARCC.  This has been an incredible response from around the country to this new offering!!