Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Net Promoter Score for Teacher Training

I have worked for three different organizations where we implemented the Net Promoter Score as a way to help us understand where we are moving in customer satisfaction. For these three education training organizations, we never had enough money for extensive marketing so we were very much dependent on word of mouth to grow our business.  Net Promoter Score gave us a great look at where we stood and where were going over time.

This year we had our process down. We had a way for teachers attending NMSI teacher training to complete a survey through their smart phones meaning we could ask them to complete it before they left training and get immediate feedback. 

The survey results showed that teachers felt they received outstanding teacher training this year. Over 9,600 teachers went to training in 23 different states - incredible reach based on great word of mouth. 

To get your Promoter Score, you ask your customers the simple question - on a scale of 0-10, how likely is that you would recommend NMSI teacher training to a friend. Those answering 9 and 10 (66.8% for NMSI) are your promoters. Those answering 0-6 (8.9% for NMSI) are your detractors.  You subtract the detractors from your promoters to get your score. 

NMSI's teacher training score this year was 58% - pretty great for a first cut at the score. Not in the top tier but for teacher training it is outstanding.