Thursday, August 29, 2013

NMSI Results in the News

Math, science program sees big improvement on AP tests - from the Kansas City Star

"The pass rate on rigorous Advanced Placement tests went up by 72 percent last year at high schools that took part in a National Math and Science Initiative program that trains teachers and gives students extra help on Saturdays."

Program dramatically increases number of Latino students passing AP exams - NBC Latino
"Over the three-year program, the number of Latino and African-American students who achieved passing AP scores in math, science, and English courses tripled. During the 2012-2013 academic year, first year NMSI schools saw an increase of 85 percent of students passing science, math and English exams"

Helping More STEM Students get College-Ready - The White House OSTP Blog!!
"From the beginning of his Administration, President Obama has called for all hands on deck to improve STEM education in America. Under the President’s Educate to Innovate Campaign the Administration has formed public private partnerships to inspire students in STEM fields and to provide the tools for students to achieve success.

The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) is one such partner working to answer the President’s call by improving student engagement and success in challenging high-school math and science courses. Today, NMSI announced that for the fifth year running, students enrolled in its Advanced Placement (AP) program earned significantly higher scores on AP exams compared to the national average. By providing teachers with specialized training, mentorship, and classroom resources, increased class time, and incentives for teachers, students, and administrators to work to achieve ambitious goals, NMSI’s AP program has on average increased by 144% the number of students achieving qualifying scores on AP math, science, and English exams in schools adopting the program."

Pretty cool day for NMSI's students and teachers who work so hard -great recognition for their results.

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