Friday, August 9, 2013

STEM Crisis - how to fix it

I was interviewed for Robin Dupre of Rigzone entitled "STEM Crisis Correlates to Shortage of Skilled Energy Labor in the US"

"The best way to ensure more students who start with STEM majors and actually finish, is to get them excited about the profession early and have the confidence to complete the rigorous coursework," said Saba. "The Association of American Universities has been working on this issue and found that the solution lies in better instruction and early research experiences in the major. The oil and gas industry can play a big role in this by working with universities to provide real world experiences, with a focus on research that can ensure more students are retained in their STEM major and would then pursue a career in oil and gas."

The report also found that women leave STEM degrees at higher rates and only a few enter STEM careers.

"Sadly, there is still not enough inspiration in all STEM fields for women," Saba said. "STEM inspiration is starting to expand with programs recruiting more female STEM teachers in order to provide an excellent role model for students. By broadening the reach of STEM AP to more females, NMSI has witnessed a 167 percent increase in females taking and passing STEM AP in just three years through our program."

We can fix STEM in this country and NMSI is leading the way!