Sunday, September 29, 2013

Accelerating Education

Education is changing rapidly and there are so many organizations trying to drive that change to create better opportunities for students. But many of those education organizations are not realizing their full potential. They get mired in the various issues and problems that prevent them from to taking their idea to scale. They hit the many roadblocks involved with changing education and can't find ways around them.

That is why AcceleratingED was launched. We have the expertise you need to accelerate the important work you are doing to help teachers and students. 

This is not easy work and almost impossible to go it alone. Change comes painfully slow in K-12 education - especially if you don't have the plan necessary to create a sustaining organizations.  

You have to have:
  1. A compelling mission, vision and goals.
  2. An amazing team with the right people in the right jobs
  3. Your team fully aligned to the goals with a performance management plan to keep them on track
  4. The right metrics to ensure you are achieving your mission
  5. The implementation plan to get you there
  6. The problem solving ability to make the right course adjustments if you are not hitting interim goals
  7. The marketing, public relations, and fee-for-service opportunities that ensure more education leaders are aware of your great work
  8. The ability to see the landscape for additional opportunities
  9. The ability to celebrate success
That's what we do at AcceleratingED. There is no single problem that will solve America's education issues - but your education program might help the U.S. take a giant step forward if you have the ability, and assistance to bring it to scale. 

We look forward to working with you.