Thursday, September 19, 2013

BOOM - MIT MOOC Certificate in Computer Science!

MIT is moving from the single course to a course sequence that will result in a certificate in computer science! As soon as this is available, I am all over that course. From the Edx site -

"MITx, the massive open online course effort at MIT, has announced new certificates for completing sequences of related modules or courses on the edX platform. The sequences, called "XSeries" sequences, represent a new approach to MOOC instruction and certification across integrated offerings more expansive than the individual courses that have thus far defined the MOOC landscape. The two initial XSeries sequences are Foundations of Computer Science and Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Curriculum for each XSeries is developed by MIT faculty members and overseen by their academic departments."

"Starting in Spring 2014, the XSeries sequences will use edX's new ID verification process, providing the added value of identity assurance for the certificates. This new edX functionality uses webcam photos to confirm student identity, provides linkable online certificates, and requires a modest fee. Prices for XSeries courses will be announced later this fall, and students will also have the option of auditing the sequences for free." 

Could this be one of the keys to recruiting and training more teachers to teach computer science? While I am sure that there is not one single answer to that question, this could be a great help.