Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Connecting Business and Education

I sat in on the morning part of the Connect the Dots program hosted by the United States Chamber of Commerce.  There was some great nuggets of information pulled out for your viewing pleasure -

  • If your family makes less than $35,000 a year, your child stands a 7% chance of completing college.  
  • Cisco education told business majors to stop avioding higher math and technology classes. If you really want to compete in today's work environment you have to have them.  We are producing too many business majors who go into business to avoide the harder classes.
  • Business has to help connect education to the job needs they have today.  There are recent studies that point to a glut of some science majors - while companies complain they don't have enough. There is s steep disconnect on the exact need and what K-12 and higher education are producing. 
  • We are giving kids a false sense of security with low standards and expectations. Kids are graduating high school thinking they are college ready and they are not. They end up in remediation and then end up dropping out.
Not a bad way to spend a morning -