Sunday, October 20, 2013

Building a STEM Coalition

The very first project tackled by AcceleratingED was to build a STEM coalition to apply for the US2020 City Competition STEM mentoring grant. Sounds easy enough except it had to be done in three weeks, had to include support from city government and had to demonstrate an ability to truly create STEM excitement for students.

Not an easy task - but luckily we are in Dallas and people here do like to work together to help students.

We built our grant application around nPower which brings together tech experts with educators and non-profits. They have a powerful web application for matching needs with expertise - exactly what a great mentoring program needs. Then we layered serious student engagement through the Perot Museum of Nature and History - they have already had over 80,000 students come through the museum in less than a year. We will bring our student there to build excitement and knowledge of STEM followed by mentoring from professionals.

Next comes the professionals to provide the mentoring. For that we brought in Workforce Solutions Dallas which has an incredibly membership base of businesses in the community who are concerned with the local STEM workforce. And finally, for advice on working with schools, educators and the research component, we enlisted the help of commit!

AcceleratingED is driving the coalition and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings provided a letter of support!

An amazing team! Our Dallas application for US2020 is in and we are very proud of the work we were able to accomplish on such short notice!!