Monday, October 14, 2013

Strategies for Common Core Teaching

Great article in Ed Week on a study highlighting a critical need for teachers to have strategies to teach 
common core state standards in writing.

"Standards don't specify the how to, they specify the what to teach," Troia said, "but they are supposed to 'sign-post' or signal to teachers what they might teach."

For example, if a standard requires students to plan, edit, and revise their own work, "that naturally leads a teacher to say, I need to teach planning, editing, and revising. There's a transparent connection between the content of the standards and the teaching practices."

So true - after teachers study the standards they have to have ways to bring them to life in the classroom.  "The authors argue that teachers need substantially more professional development around the common core, not just in understanding what the new standards include and how they differ from states' old standards, but also to fill the gaps in instructional strategies that will be needed for students to write well."

Some groups are out there getting this done but I really like as the premier group providing great content AND strategies through their professional development.  More to come on this as I continue to be impressed with their work.