Friday, November 8, 2013

Louisiana 50th and 48th in NAEP Math

While Louisiana has made some progress, when the NAEP scores were released, they are still at the bottom - tied with Mississippi for the very bottom in 4th grade math and 48th for 8th grade math.

But there is hope in the way of Common Core and Eureka Math.  I spent the last three days in Baton Rouge working the team that helped develop the curriculum and watching teachers and administrators talk about the implementation of this robust curriculum.

Make no mistake - this is extremely hard work but seeing the scores - this is the best work we could be doing for students.  Teachers are already telling us that they content and strategies are helping students master fractions like never before.

But there is a lot of work we still have to do including training teachers like never before - and they are demanding that training in both content and pedagogy so that their students will succeed. When we reach these teachers over the next two years, we will see that number move in Louisiana.