Monday, November 18, 2013

MOOC for K12

Interesting things going on in Florida in the world of MOOC's. Governor Scott signed a bill this year "allowing MOOCs in subject areas with end-of-course exams, including algebra, geometry and biology. The new law requires MOOC providers to use Florida-certified teachers and win approval from the state Department of Education."

The requirement to use Florida certified teachers kind of puts a damper on it - but it does open up the possibilities to courses requiring extensive expertise to teach. Students would have access to complex computer science courses, gaming and physics.  If students move forward faster than the expertise of educators in K-12 schools, wouldn't we want to challenge them with much harder content?  

As MOOC's find their way in the education space, this is one great way to ensure that we continue to challenge our high school students with the best possible courses available.

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