Monday, December 2, 2013

Blended Learning Benefits for Rural Schools

Great report out last month from iNACOL on the benefits of blended learning for rural schools.  AcceleratingED is working with Sibling Group on some rural education initiatives with - long way around saying this pretty much makes the case this has to happen for rural students.

From the report -
Benefits of Blended and Online Learning

  • Provides extensive election of quality courses beyond what many districts can offer
  • Creates flexibility in scheduling
  • Supplies access to student-centered, engaged faculty trained in e-learing practices
  • Extends learning 24/7
  • Provides access to dual credit and AP courses
  • Creates opportunity to graduate early or recover credits.
  • 87% of teachers found communication between parent-teacher, student-student and teacher-student is the same or better with blended learning
  • 77.% of teacher indicated their ability to monitor student learning is either better or much better with blended learning
Not earth shattering - but increasing access and improving communication with students in rural schools requires increased implementation of blended learning.