Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Common Core Update - Math Scores Rising / Handful Upset

Great story out of Yuma, Arizona on Common Core implementation - if you read the headline, you think that many parents are upset with the math curriculum at Yuma schools.  It was 10.  It appears those 10 are mainly upset because it is common core aligned.

However - the district stated:
"initial data on district testing show that students are increasing in their overall math scores, with the exception of at the fourth-grade level.

Christina Murphy, the parent of three at Desert Mesa Elementary School, shared that her children's assignments now fluctuate in difficulty – easy in some areas and complicated in others.

“I don’t also appreciate the fact that my children are being experimented with at this point… we have no statistics to prove anything, and yet my kids are sitting there being the guinea pig this year.”

Associate superintendent of curriculum and instruction Duane Sheppard explained that while a lot of times districts see an implementation dip when bringing in a new curriculum, this has, overall, not been the case with Eureka Math. He added that they are continuing to closely monitor the program and make improvements where needed."

I started working with the team at CommonCore.org last month on expanding Eureka Math because it actually is that good - and to see a district using the content AND not seeing a dip in scores because they are actually increasing in the first year - incredible!!

This is great stuff - AND you can download the full common core math lessons FOR FREE! Not a bad deal at all.